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BBB District Game #1 on Feb. 19 (C.T. 6pm)

Call time for the game is 6:00pm.  We will be learning some new stand tunes for the game, so please arrange to arrive on time.  Wear your purple shirts!


My child is not sure if he/she wants to enroll in band.  What should I do?

Entering the band program during the freshman year is critical and well worth the try.  Band is incredibly fulfilling both musically and intellectually and provides a safe environment for students make close friends during their first year at CHS.  Any interested students are welcome to attend a concert or rehearsal to see that our bands are awesome!

My child does not have band experience, but would like to join.  What should I do?

If your child wants to play a wind instrument, he/she will need to take private lessons to learn and catch up (if this is the case, contact Mr. Brien ASAP).  Other options are to enter the percussion program or the color guard program.  Both of these would be a great way to get involved with our awesome bands.

My child just wants to do color guard.  What should he/she register for?

Your child should register for color guard, 0-hour first trimester.  Please make sure that you sign up at the Electives fair or contact Mr. Brien.

My child will be taking release time during the school year.  Is it still possible for her/him to take band?

Yes!  Many of our band students take release time.  Some students also take honors classes and release time and are able to take band.  Many students also participate in basketball, football, volleyball, and track and also take band.  There are many ways to make sure your child can take band in addition to other classes.  Please talk to Mr. Brien or current students who are in band and release time to find out more information on possibilities.

Does my child have to enroll in Symphonic and Marching Band?

Yes.  We encourage both experiences at CHS.  Both bands will build your child intellectually, musically, and even physically.  It is worth the experience!

How long does Marching Band last?

The marching season goes from the end of August to the beginning of November.  The CHS Marching Band works very hard during the season, but requires few extra rehearsals.

Can my child take percussion and Symphonic Band?

Yes.  All percussion students must register for drumline and percussion ensemble, but Symphonic Band students are welcome to register for Percussion Ensemble and Drumline (auditions are required for drumline). 

Getting my child to 0-hour for the Marching Season is difficult, what do I do?

Because CHS is farther away from most students’ homes, the band students and parents often car pool to save on gas.  Please contact us if transportation is a problem and we will do our best to help you arrange a car pool.

How much will it cost to have my child in band?

Fees for Band are as follows:
Activity Fee (paid by all students in CHS activities) $60.00
Uniform Fee (covers marching and symphonic uniforms) $9.00
Band Shirt Fee (used for marching, pep, and symphonic) $25.00
Marching Shoes (can be used for symphonic band also) $30.00

Additional fees may include:
Percussion (for drumline and percussion students only) $60.00
Instrument Rental (student using Dist. 25 instruments only) $60.00

NOTE:  If any of the above fees are a problem, please contact Mr. Brien.  CHS and the band program can find a way to help you keep your child in band.

Please feel free to contact Mr. Brien with any further questions you might have.  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), 208-478-6863.


Tour Permission Slips Due February 3, 2009

Turn in permission slips to the Band Office.  Make sure you fill out both sides.

Edward Alston wins Scale Challenge #4

Edward Alston won the scale challenge #4 and will face Kevin Tsai, Matt Kirkham, and Gregory Barker in the final rounds.  Congratulations Edward!