Chamber Ensembles



Century High School boasts many chamber groups.  All band students are encouraged to participate in Chamber Ensembles.  Students in the past have participated in the following ensembles:  Duets, Trio/Quartet/Quintet Ensembles, and Woodwind/Brass/Percussion Ensembles.  These groups serve to improve individual preparation and accountability as well as expose the students to more literature and challenging repertoire.  Some of these groups continue on into the spring semester and participate in the Gem State Solo and Ensemble Festival.

CHAMBER MUSIC PROJECT:  Learning Objectives

*Students will form a chamber group and select music.

*Students will learn to cooperate with each other by practicing not taking offense, by being positive, and by treating each member with dignity and respect in a group setting.

*Students will learn to breathe together by following cues from a group leader.

*Students will see how their part fits with the other parts by examining the score.

*Students will cue each other by breathing and using physical gestures appropriate for the music.

*Students will tune chords in the piece using their knowledge of building chords from the bass note (root, 5th, 3rd, color tones [7th, 9th, 11th, etc.])

*Students will match articulation by observing the markings in the music and by listening/matching the articulations of the other players.

*Students will End phrases together by using physical gestures and eye contact.

*Students will gain knowledge of the style of the piece they are playing by listing general stylistic aspects of the period and applying those to the music.

*Students will perform their prepared chamber music piece at the Gem State District Solo and Ensemble Festival as well as an evening concert of chamber music.

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