Practicing your instrument

Practicing is required for all CHS Band students.  Practicing at home and outside of class prepares you for rehearsals.  Rehearsals are not a time for ensemble members to learn the music, rehearsals are for discovering the music.  This can only be done if students are prepared.  When approaching practicing it is good to remember the following key points:


  Schedule when you are going to practice each day of the week ahead of time.


Decide and plan what you need to practice ahead of time so you have a plan.


Once you know what you need to work on, how will you approach it?  Can you come up with an etude or exercise on your own to help you master that section of music or a fundamental concept. 

A metronome provides a perfect guide for how well you are doing.  Always start at a metronome marking that you know you can be successful with.  Slowly increase (playing the passage correctly) the tempo until you reach performance tempo.  Practice playing a little faster or a little slower than performance tempo to ensure you are prepared for rehearsal.