State Solo Competition

Students who wish to participate in the state solo competition must prepare a state solo required piece (see below).  Students pursuing state solos should pick their solos for the next year before school gets out for summer. 
“State soloists are really the Olympians of music.” Mr. Brien

Choosing a state solo

Choose a solo from the required Idaho State Solo List or from the PML Solo List (make sure it is a grade 1 solo).
Idaho State Solo List
PML Solo LIst

State Solo Preparation Suggestions

Seek out private lessons.
May—Choose Solo and buy a professional recording.

June—Listen a recording of your solo over and over with the music so you have a firm idea in your mind how everything should be played.

August—Break the solo into chunks and work each chunk with plan (what do you want to accomplish).  Submit your accompaniment (if applicable) to accompanist.

October—Be able to play through your entire solo under tempo with very little mistakes.

November—Organize a rehearsal with your accompanist, so you can know how the music fits with the accompaniment.

January—Memorize the solo so you can prepare to practice performing.

February—Practice performing the solo by recording your self and analyzing the recordings.  Perform for others.  Play through your entire solo every day.

State Solo Competition