Student Leadership

Student leadership includes the CHS Band Board and the Drum majors, section leaders, and captains.  The Band Board consists of committed band students who have been elected to the positions by the CHS band members. Band Board meets once a week at lunch in the band room (see calendar for dates). This group strives to make decisions that will best promote music in our school and community. They assist in planning events, tours, and concerts as well as making general decisions for the program. Members of the Band Board also attend the parent Band Booster meetings on the first Thursday of each month.

CHS 2013 Leadership Results are as follows:
Leadership results are subject to students passing off their 10 levels of rhythm and scales.  Leaders who fail to pass-off their 10 levels of rhythm and scales risk losing their position as a leader.

Senior Drum Majors:  Ben H., Angela R.
Junior Drum Major:  Kydd M.

Drumline Captain:  Tyson O.
Pit Captain:  TJ P.
Guard Captain:  Joey B.

Flute:  Beth C.
Clarinet:  Lucas A.
Alto Sax:  Ryan O.
Tenor Sax:  Parker R.
Trumpet:  TBA
Horn:  Jordan B.
Trombone:  Ethan R.
Baritone:  Jeremy B.
Sousaphone:  Sam L.